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The company

the company

FRAIMTEC GmbH - Flexible Roboter Automation & Industrie Montagen is a global, medium-sized company based in Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt.

Our employees have demonstrated their competence and flexibility on many construction sites in Germany and abroad.
Equipped with powerful assembly equipment and
company vehicles make the quality of the company. Our centrally and conveniently situated location guarantee a rapid response to our customers' requirements.

The competencies

The FRAIMTEC GmbH offers a wide range of technical services such as robot programming, process control, assembly and dismantling of industrial plants and production support on.
With the perception of complex contracts, the coordination of multiple trades, the inclusion of process control, as well as the binding of crane and transport services we have begun to successfully implement large-scale projects.

Competencies conditioning installation / assembly industry

Competencies robot programming